We have a few sailing boats at Whispering Reeds, with our half deckers especially being very popular.  We have 3 lovely old wooden ones here, but at the moment, we only have 2 in the water at any one time whilst we give them long overdue rebuilds.  Silver Tip was the first to go through this with an almost entirely new bottom going in.  She was also treated to a new sail when she was launched this spring.  Marigold is next for the rebuild, and at 106 years old, we think she probably deserves a season off and some TLC.
You only need a small amount of sailing experience to take the half deckers for a sail, they are very forgiving, but obviously we have to be a little careful in adverse conditions about letting them out to people with limited experience.  We always give you a thorough briefing, and they can be well reefed down, so they make for a fabulous way to enjoy one of Norfolks premier sailing spots.
We have added a couple of Yeomans to our sailing fleet as we were getting so much demand for boats.  Yeomans have a bermuda rig with main and jib so might be more familiar to people not used to the more traditional Norfolk rig on the half deckers.  We also have a Wayfarer dinghy available now but we do ask that you have a certain amount of dinghy sailing experience to take this slightly more demanding boat out for a sail.
We have a few lugsail dinghies too which are great for getting onto the water in if a half decker is too much for you.   Watch this space for developments in our sailing boat options.