Otter 14 Launch

16′ Thames Rowing Skiff

9’3″ Rowing Dinghy

Our beautiful 14′ Otter Launch – Electric or diesel propulsion – Elegant and capable

An elegant Rowing Skiff, taken from a 1936 design

A perfect dinghy to use as a tender, or just for messing about on the river

In late 2015 we were approached by John and Nancy Cashere of Riverbank Boats who were looking for someone to take on the building of some of their popular small boats.  We were flattered to be asked.  We knew the boats well, having helped with the recovery and launch of a few of the Otter Launches each winter and spring.  You can read more about the process we went through to take on the task in this blog post.  We have initially become the official builders of the 9’3″ Rowing boat, the beautiful 16′ Thames Rowing Skiff and the 14′ Otter launch all of which you can find out more about below.  These boats were all developed by John Cashere and we continue to work closely with him as we maintain the same level of quality and attention to detail which he has become famous for.  Those who know John will know that he never stands still and Whispering Reeds will be continuing to work with John as he develops new projects, and continues to produce the stunning Otter 26.

Otter Launch

The Otter launch is hand finished in hardwood. Giving all the grace of a wooden boat with a low maintenance hull. The boats have hardwood laid decks both fore and aft with mahogany clad bulkheads giving locker space at either end. Four lockers within the boat give seating and storage for batteries or owners gear depending upon the engine option chosen. Most Otters have a central engine box and console but a forward engine version is available which gives an uncluttered spacious interior.

16′ Thames Skiff

The hull of this boat was modelled from a 1936 skiff of tried and tested design. It has been given buoyancy compartments fore and aft to comply with modern RCD standards. The hulls are fitted out in hardwoods with traditional douglas pine flooring to give an authentic appearance whilst benefiting from a low maintenance hull. The skiffs have a single rowing position with adjustable foot rests. The rope steered tiller is operated by the passenger as in the original boat. It comes complete with rowlocks and oars.

9’3″ Rowing Boat

This dinghy has a low maintenance GRP hull. The interior is hand crafted in mahogany (utile) with a laid deck, mahogany seats, gunwales and fitted floorboards. It has built in buoyancy compartments fore and aft to comply with RCD requirements. It has good stability for its size tows well behind a boat and can safely take a small outboard. It comes complete with rowlocks and oars.