Here at Whispering Reeds we can offer a number of options for getting out and exploring the Norfolk Broads.

Day Hire Pricing

Time Canoes Launches
Low Season
Sailing Boats Lugsail Dinghies Rowing Boats
One Hour  £17.00  £20.00  £15.00
Two Hours  £32.00  £40.00  £20.00
Three Hours  £25.00  £45.00  £56.00  £25.00
Four Hours  £58.00  £73.00  £55.00  £32.00  £30.00
Five Hours  £70.00  £86.00  £35.00
Six Hours  £40.00  £80.00  £99.00  £40.00
Seven Hours  £90.00  £110.00  £45.00
Eight Hours  £100.00  £120.00  £95.00  £50.00  £50.00

Bittern, shown here, is our very popular picnic cruiser.  She can be rented for anything from half a day, to a fortnight**.  She is fully equipped with a toilet, shower, cooker, fridge, heating etc, and offers a fantastic way to cruise in comfort and style.  You can click on the picture above or here to go to Bitterns own page with prices and more pictures.

We have a number of launches available by the hour, click here or on the picture above to go to a page all about them.  They can carry up to 6 adults.  A popular trip is to head for Horsey Mere, stop for an ice cream, and return to the yard all within 3 hours, or 4 hours if you go to the pub for lunch.  With the full day you can explore all of the water above Potter Heigham Bridge.  It’s a part of the Broads which none of the big boats can get to, so perfect for a relaxing day out in an unspoilt landscape, surrounded by nature.

If sailing is more your thing, why not take out one of our traditional Broads half-deckers.  Lovingly maintained on the yard, these beautiful boats are hugely popular.  Each have their own unique characteristics, and regular customers soon pick a favourite.  Hickling is the largest of the Broads, and a renowned sailing venue.  We also have a number of small lugsail dinghies, perfect to recreate your coot club memories!

We have recently added two Yeomans and a Wayfarer to our fleet as demand for sailing boats was far outstripping supply.

Click here or on the pictures above for more on our sailing boats.

We also have rowing boats for those feeling energetic or fishermen.  They’re pretty rustic, but they do the job!  We are also doing Canadian Canoes, which are getting really popular, click here for info on them

*Wayfarer only available at full day rate.

**Bittern is only available for half days and full days during the period, 22nd July to 4th September inclusive.

Conditions of Hire

The weekly terms for Motor Launches include one full tank of fuel.  Fuel is included for daily and hourly terms.

Hourly and daily hire will normally be available between 8am and 5pm except on Sundays when the starting time will be 9am.  Boats must be returned to the boatyard by 5pm unless prior arrangements have been made.  Failure to comply will result in extra charges being made.

Hire terms include VAT at 20% but may be altered without notice if external actions dictate eg vat or fuel price rise.

Broads Authority regulations require the company to record the name and home address of the hirer.