2015 Houseboat Holidays

We are taking bookings for 2015 Houseboat Holidays right now. Some of the popular weeks are already close to selling out, so don’t delay!

We haven’t got round to sitting down and working out the 2015 pricing yet, so the great news is that if you book before we do that, you’ll be guaranteed this years prices. (We’ll probably set the new prices from the 1st November)

Winter Storage Update

Lots of new faces are taking advantage of our Winter Storage opportunity up here at Hickling this Autumn, along with all the boats that we normally look after. So much so that space is beginning to become a bit limited on the bank. There is still much more room for boats staying afloat though.

If you do want your boat lifted and stored here over the winter, or overwintering in our dyke, then get in touch soon on 01692 598314 or email info@whisperingreeds.net . The crane is coming on the 7th of November.

Winter Storage

We’re still enjoying this lovely late summer weather, but we’re also beginning to think of our winter work. We have room here to store boats over the winter period. Dinghies on trailers can be kept here for £150 inc vat, based on 1st October to 31st March 2015. Bigger boats can be stored on the land, or in the water, at a cost of £57.60 per metre inc vat.

We have a crane booked for the 7th of November to lift boats out, either onto the bank or onto trailers to take away or store. The crane will come again in the spring to lift in. We supply all the chocks etc to secure the boats on the hard standing. We can also undertake demasting and other winter maintenance tasks. Should you need your boat collecting from it’s summer berth, we can do this, assuming it is moored above Potter Heigham Bridge. Phone on 01692 598314 if you would like any further information, or to book your slot.

Busy summer and some late vacancies.

We’ve been having a really busy summer up here at Hickling, with full Houseboats and people here enjoying our Dayboats, Sailing Boats and Canoes.

Amazingly, we still have some empty Houseboats  for the week commencing 30th of August.  Most of the children go back to school during that week, so we’re happy to take short breaks, during the week that starts on Saturday the 30th, for £80 per night on the bigger Sundew Boats, or £65 per night on the Sunrise class boats.  That would be for a minimum of 3 nights, but you could do  3,4,5,6 or 7 nights for that price.  Just phone the yard on 01692 598314, or send an email to info@whisperingreeds.net and we will get you booked in.

New Boats!

In addition to all the other offerings on our dayboat page, Launches, canoes, and half-deckers.  We also now have two Yeomans and a Wayfarer available.  Call to book soon, they’re very busy this summer!

Summer is almost here…

Silver Tip looking all shiny, on a beautiful day up at Hickling.  This is the busiest week of the year for us, with so much to do to get ready before Easter, but we’re getting there.  Great weather certainly helps though, and Tippy will have her mast, spars and sail fitted tomorrow, ready to spend another summer taking people  sailing and making them smile.

Houseboat Holiday pages are up.

The Houseboat pages are now up, with pricing and availability for 2012 houseboat holidays on Hickling Broad.  I will be adding pictures of the interiors over the next few days, but you can see the plans for the boats already.

We have got people coming over the next few weeks too.  Mostly to take advantage of the excellent Pike fishing on Hickling.  Please give us a ring on 01692 598314 or send an email to info@whisperingreeds.net  if you’d like to enquire.  The houseboats are coming through our boatshed at the moment, getting their annual tidy up, so availability is limited.

Back at work for the New Year!

It’s the first day back at Whispering Reeds for us, and our New Years Resolution is to get more on the website, and update it more often.

Just to let you all know, 2011 was our last year running our Hire Cruiser fleet, that’s why some are for sale Here.  We are still running -

Houseboats, dayboats, sailing boats, rowing boats, canoes, moorings, dry berths and repairs.

So plenty to keep us busy.  We are also not using any booking agencies for our Houseboat lets, so please contact us directly.

I am updating the Houseboat section of the website right now, and it should be up and running in the next couple of days, but please don’t hesitate to contact us now, even to pencil a booking in, as the weeks are filling up fast!

Our exciting sailing news…  Sorry for not updating sooner..  We now have a Yeoman, Selene, in our sailing fleet which proved very popular for the second half of the season last year.  We’ve also added an electric dayboat to our fleet of launches.

The Exciting Sailing News is Coming….

Just a short post to say that we have some news coming next week which will certainly interest the sailors. For the purists, I’m afraid it’s slightly tupperware related, not the usual traditional wooden sailing boats that we currently run, but it’s going to give you all a new option to choose when coming for a days sailing here from Hickling Broad.

(In fedge related news… It’s growing! Pictures to follow soon.)

Want to try a sailing boat on the Norfolk Broads, but don’t know how to sail?

The Norfolk Broads School of Sailing is an RYA Approved Training Centre and offer a range of sailing options, from ‘Taster Days’ through to full RYA courses.

Whispering Reeds here at Hickling Broad is one place where you can meet an instructor from the school for a trip in one of our Half Decker sailing boats.

We started offering our sailing boats as an option during the summer last year, and had a great response.  The idea came about because the sailing school needed some suitable boats to use, and we had demand from people who really wanted to get out on the water in a sailing boat, but didn’t feel confident to hire one themselves on their own.

All in all it’s a great introduction to sailing on the best sailing water on The Broads (in our opinion).

You can visit the sailing school’s website by clicking here, or on the picture to the left.  If you would like to book a trip, using the school, then please phone  the school directly in the first instance on 07796 974050.

Of course we’re still offering the half deckers to those who can already sail, as we always have done.  We also have some exciting sailing news coming up soon so watch this space!